The 11 Deadly Sins of Search Engine Optimization


Graveyard! Just think-how great it would be to develop a beautiful website, filled with helpful information and eye-catching images. We bring The 11 Deadly sins of Search Engine Optimization that will help You to refine your website, edit it and then you put in on the expansive wilderness of cyberspace–only to find tumbleweeds. Crickets. Silent dialogues of websites.

Ouch. That’s what bad SEO does to you, my friend. Search engine optimization is the dance you do with Google (and its friends) to make sure people see your web page. Yet just as with any graceful dance there is the mis-step that leads you into oblivion. On this day we present The 11 deadly sins of Search Engine Optimization, those crimes that will leave your site in digital dark ages.

Sin #1: Stuff Yourself Silly The Keyword Glutton.

While they are the fairy dust of search engine marketing, like any spice if over used can destroy a meal. Keyword stuffing–cramming large quantities of keywords into your copy without regard for propriety or appropriateness-is a case in point. Like discerning gourmets, search engines can sniff desperation from a mile away. Scatter key words sparingly, taking into consideration natural language and user intentions, and your content will be like a souffle that ascends properly balanced. That why we found it into The 11 Deadly Sins of Search Engine Optimization

Sin #2: Plagiarism is Out of Style–The Copycat Chameleon.

Picture yourself treading the red carpet at a designer show–only to discover that everyone else is wearing your same dress. Talk about embarrassing! The 11 Deadly sins of search engine optimization is to copy. Google views it as a low-grade bootleg, the rotten fruit in a sea of originality. Providing your fans with unique, valuable content they can’t find anywhere else is a sure way to become the most popular star on the Net. Bots love it too.

Sin #3: The Voice of Silence– Insipid Titles and Descriptions

The title tag and meta description are the trailer for your website, showing it off to passersby. An ordinary-looking, generic trailer would seem to be telling viewers not even bothers with the movie. Titles and descriptions that lack pizazz are equivalent in their effect on audiences ‘interest to a silent film in an age of streaming entertainment online at all times by Netflix. Put together tight, effective teasers that entice and inform like a master movie marketer. First impressions count, so keep them striking! Because they are found in The 11 Deadly Sins of Search Engine Optimization.

​ Sin #4: Broken Links Lead to Nowhere The Bridge Troll

With so much content available online, imagine clicking on a link expecting to embark on a digital journey of the mind and instead being thrown into 404 error wasteland. Frustrating, right? Take broken links for example; these are the bridge trolls of the Internet, and if you don’t pay attention they will just lead a user into oblivion. Make sure you regularly check for broken links and fix them–give your visitors a smooth journey. Happy users make loyal customers, and loyalty rewards you with search engine it’s part of The 11 Deadly Sins of Search Engine Optimization.

Sin #5: Heedless of Danger The Slothful Snail The Digital Jungle is the age of speed.

No one wants their website to load more slowly than a dial-up modem in the 90s. The net is a high-speed world, and speed counts. Slow-loading websites are the sloths of cyber space, destined to be squeezed by impatient readers. Tweak your images, code and plug-in elements to ensure everything zips along at top speed or face having more visitors than the Cheetah on Plus Fitness.

 The11 Deadly Sins of Search Engine Optimization
The 11 Deadly Sins of Search Engine Optimization

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Sin #6: IGNORE The Smartphone Revolution Ignoring the smartphone revolution

With a mobile-first world being the new reality, not paying any attention to mobile is like coming up empty handed. Since people rely on their phones to access information, you’ve got to make sure your site looks good and works well from tiny iPhones over giant tablets. Paying your mobile customers special attention will pay off in clicks and conversions.

​Sin #7: When Your Neighborhood is a Secret – Local Naysayer.

For local businesses targeting a local audience, neglecting your rankings in Local SEO is equivalent to opening up shop without signage. Claim your Google My Business listing, target local search terms and build partnerships with other businesses. Just make yourself the mayor of your local online world, and customers will come running to virtual you like excited shoppers at a store opening. it is part of the The 11 deadly sins of Search Engine Optimization.

​Sin #8: Scrooge of Social Media–Sharing Is Caring (and Ranking)

The net is true to its name–social media are the marketplace. Don’t be a hermit! Post what you want, interact with your fans, and build a movement for your brand. These are like love letters to search engines, benefiting your online reputation and visibility. Social media signals If you’re on the Internet, it helps if everyone knows it! The more we share, the more we care (and the higher our ranking as well).

Sin #9: Analytics Avoidance – The Ostrich SEO:

Not looking at your website statistics is equivalent to driving with the blindfold on. With data, you know what’s working and what isn’t. The answer is to track traffic, map user habits and change your strategy. Viewed thus, data is your North Star; embrace it and explore the site-building world in full confidence. it is part of The 11 deadly sins of Search Engine Optimization.

Sin #10: Abstinence-The Unseen Seer Image Alt Tag.

Think of alt tags as the captions on your website images. It also lets search engines know what the image is, which will give everyone–visually impaired users included–a chance to check out your website. With a few optimized alt tags, you’ll not only show up in search engines; people will notice too. so it is part of The 11 deadly sins of Search Engine Optimization.

Sin #11: Content Hibernation – last of The 11 deadly Sins of Search Engine Optimization:

In the digital bakery, fresh content is like a tasty cake. In particular, keep your website going with regular articles and blogs. Search engines are huge fans of active web sites, so you’ve got to sweep away the dust bunnies and keep your oven full of tasty treats.


Well then, that’s The 11 deadly sins of Search Engine Optimization. So, put on your explorer’s cap and explore the search engine wilderness! The road to online stardom is lined with key words, good content and a little tuning up. Steer clear of these digital traps, and you’ll soon be enjoying the fiery glow of high rankings.

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